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2016 Distribution Notice

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Existing shareholders


Al Frank Mutual Funds

imgThe Al Frank Fund Family is comprised of two mutual funds: the Al Frank Fund (VALUX), which we launched in January 1998, and the Al Frank Dividend Value Fund (VALDX), which we introduced in September 2004. The Al Frank Fund aims for long-term capital appreciation, while the Al Frank Dividend Value Fund seeks to provide long-term total return from both capital appreciation and, secondarily, dividend income.

Both funds have been managed since their inceptions by John Buckingham, Chief Investment Officer of Al Frank Asset Management.

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Company Highlights

For more complete information about The Al Frank Funds, please follow this link to view the prospectus or call 888.263.6443 to have one mailed to you. Please read the Fund prospectus carefully before you invest.

  • Actively manage and advise on more than $1.5 billion in assets
  • Our parent company, AFAM Capital, has a 40 year legacy
  • Publisher of a top-ranked investment newsletter


We discriminate among potential investments by their relative valuation metrics and our assessments of stock-specific risk. We buy only those stocks we find undervalued along several lines relative to their own trading history, those of their peers, a particular universe or the market in general, and buy at prices based on a range of potential risks.


Our approach focuses on broadly diversified investments in undervalued stocks for their long-term appreciation potential. We don’t rely nearly as much on “how many” as we do “in which”. We believe expansive diversification helps minimize the risk of individual stock ownership, while maximizing the likelihood of finding appreciative investments among the undervalued masses.


Our philosophy is geared towards long-term investing. We attempt to purchase securities we believe are out of favor or undervalued and hold them until they have reached their fair value. Returns tend not to be of the ‘straight up from here’ sort…takes a special dose of patience to ride the ups and downs of the typical value stock.