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John Buckingham

John Buckingham of AFAM Capital lends his over 30 years of investment management experience to two crucial leadership positions. He serves as the editor of The Prudent Speculator, which has been a top-ranked investment newsletter, in terms of total return performance, many times over. Additionally, he serves as the Chief Investment Officer of AFAM Capital, a role he’s held since 1990, leading a team that scrutinizes thousands of stocks for money management clients. He is also the company’s largest shareholder. John started at AFAM Capital in 1987, forging his own path within the firm, and working and learning alongside the late Al Frank.

This level of expertise and knowledge often sees John featured in Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, as well as frequently contributing to CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business News. John offers his keen advice to all types of investors at seminars and events, and he dedicates the rest of his life to his wife and daughter.


Eric Hare

Mr. Eric Hare has been with AFAM Capital since 2006 and over the years he has held several key roles in the organization. Eric started his tenure with the firm working as a member of the investment team. Subsequently, he moved to the business side and worked his way up to Chief Operating Officer. He has played an important part in the advancements and developments of our company. For example, he created the current work-flow processes that serve as the basic structure for our entire firm; built the marketing, operations, and technology groups; collaborated in launching new products such as mutual funds and SMAs; managed and grew the private client division; and has been instrumental in expanding the reach of The Prudent Speculator, our investment newsletter that has been around since 1977. Eric has a holistic view of the investment management business which, together with his proven versatility, has allowed him to have a significant impact as the President of AFAM Capital. As our organization continues to evolve, Eric will add and develop new talent, and strengthen our relations with strategic partners, clients, and vendors. In addition, it is AFAM’s desire to maintain our involvement with the community and Eric leads the company’s philanthropic efforts. Currently, he oversees the company’s donations program and is part of the Big Brother & Big Sisters of Central Texas.