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November 14, 2014

Happy Holidays to our blog readers. May the new year bring you peace, happiness and tranquility. To help with the latter, at least on the investment front, and as our Holiday gift to our faithful readers, we have put together a listing of this year’s 26 best-performing undervalued Prudent Speculator stocks, all of which are still being held in our broadly diversified portfolios.

Now simply publishing the list wouldn’t be much fun, so we chose to create our own Holiday Calendar whereby readers simply mouse over the date to reveal the recommendation. Our first stock was revealed this morning so be sure to check out the calendar to view the selection.

Unlike the traditional 24-day Advent Calendar, which has certainly been commercialized what with our local grocery store Trader Joe’s offering a chocolate-treat filled version and even Danish toy maker Lego selling one filled with its popular building blocks, our Holiday Calendar contains prizes under 26 days. Seeking not to offend anyone, our calendar extends beyond the traditional Advent conclusion on Christmas Eve, to also include Christmas Day, the start of Hanukkah and the beginning of Kwanzaa.

Given that there will be a new e-mail sent for 26 straight days, we ask those that are interested to click here for a preview and to sign up for the free communications which will include the latest iteration of the Calendar as well as a report updating the selections.

We hope that readers remain calm with a continued focus on their long-term investment objectives throughout the inevitable ups and downs of the equity markets. Of course, we must always endeavor to find new and interesting ways to reiterate what we have been saying for more than two decades, namely that we think buying and patiently holding a broadly diversified portfolio of undervalued stocks for their long-term appreciation potential is the best way to achieve investment success in the fullness of time.

That in mind, we have incorporated content recently published, along with 26 of our Favorite Dividend Payers, into our latest Special Report, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, which is now hot off the presses. Click here to be among the first to download a copy.

If you would like to see more of our recommended stocks, click here for a free sample copy of our newsletter. Subscribe here or view a complete list of all previously recommended stocks here. To view our Buckingham Portfolio Purchase Candidates click here.